Mission & Values

Our Mission

To create long lasting partnerships with our clients by providing a best-in-class outsourced financial services offering.

Our Vision

To create an environment which attracts and retains outstanding professionals who provide exceptional levels of client service and maintain Centralis’ reputation as a leading provider of outsourced solutions.

Our Values

Our values define who we are as an organisation. They play a key role in determining how we operate as a successful corporate services provider. It is by adhering to these values that we are able to establish high standards and deal professionally both internally with our staff and externally with our clients and suppliers. Our values influence the way in which we communicate and share information and intelligence.


First class client service is crucial to our continued success. Our staff are courteous, professional and especially attentive to our clients’ needs. Diversity in our workplace enables cultural awareness, and with a mutual understanding, our staff are able to collaborate effectively on all levels. Transparency and honesty are also core values, promoting trust with all of our stakeholders.


At Centralis, we are committed to delivering on our promises. Our staff are focused, motivated and all have the same determination to produce excellent results. Our commitment to sharing knowledge brings an even deeper understanding to the business and allows us to provide the best solutions to our clients.


We have the enthusiasm and confidence to drive the business forward. Our in-house experts respond to new challenges and embrace industry trends with optimism. Loyalty and ambition run throughout the company and we are positive about the future of Centralis.


Centralis is driven by the desire to succeed. Our employees are professional and highly-motivated. Mindful of others, we are one team striving for the same goal – client satisfaction.

"Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude."

Charles R. Swindoll