Be Extraordinary

Let us Contribute to your Development

What’s the best thing about working for Centralis?

Easy: our people.

Centralis gives you the opportunity to be part of a progressive, rapidly-expanding environment. We value all our employees equally and pride ourselves on a workplace that respects your individual needs and encourages your personal development.

“As an international, fast growing and dynamic company, we look to ambitious, pro-active and motivated people to support and contribute to our development and growth.”


Professional Development

Centralis gives you the opportunity to be part of a progressive, rapidly-expanding environment.

High Value

We value all our employees equally and pride ourselves on a workplace that respects your individual needs and encourages your personal development.

Social events

We organise regular social events including an annual ski trip and an elaborate summer party.

Work-Life Balance

We understand the importance of creating the right balance between work and personal life.

Team Building Days

And it’s not all work, work, work! Office camaraderie, team-building days and a great company spirit are also invaluable to making your career a success.

Competitive compensation and benefits

We offer a flexible and innovative remuneration system. We strive to stay ahead of the market by offering benefits tailored to suit individual situations and local practices.

“Centralis offered a great opportunity to start my professional career. After obtaining my BA Degree in Accounting & Tax from Haute Ecole Blaise Pascal (Belgium), I began as a trainee, climbed the career ladder, rung by rung, and here I am today in my role as a Client Services Manager. Centralis has allowed me to gain experience in several areas (accounting, taxation, legal...), all within a friendly environment with a great team spirit.”


Be extraordinary – we do things differently to achieve excellence in client services.

Our superpower? Superior client services.

We know our clients, and we know their expectations. We go above and beyond for them. We are more than a simple service provider, we are their local partner.

And to be a superhero, you need to be extraordinary. This is our commitment to you: to support you and to encourage you to give the best of yourself. We provide a positive and collaborative working environment where you are not judged for making mistakes, but where, instead, you can learn from them.

At Centralis, we work hard to improve our employees’ day to day working life, through flexibility, learning, and career opportunities. We offer similar benefits as other companies, but what sets us apart is our open-door policy, quick decision making, passionate support staff and brilliantly located offices.

Our management are also human beings, they care about their employees, their clients and the impact that we make around us. So, join us and be extraordinary with us. We promise to do our best for you to strive and become that superhero.

Your Benefits & Rewards

We provide a positive working environment and a great compensation package. This is reflected in our philosophy of performance compensation, where we endeavour to stay ahead of the market. This globally harmonised approach is aligned with the local practices.

Competitive salary package
Performance bonus
Flexible holidays
Extra-legal pension
Death and disability cover – depending on grade & seniority
Mobile phones & laptops
Part-time opportunities & organisational flexibility
Wellbeing initiatives & Gym membership contributions
Car leasing options – depending on grade & seniority
Centrally located offices with parking and great transport links
Support & flexibility for professional qualifications
New starter mentoring program

We are an equal opportunities employer who values and supports a diverse and international workforce. Benefits can vary according to local legislation and are dependent on grade and seniority.

10 Reasons to join Centralis

At Centralis you don’t get a job, you get a career

You can gain a wide range of nationally recognized academic qualifications while you work. Employees need to know that development opportunities, including moving up the ladder or moving laterally within the company, are possible.

Work-life Balance

The work you do is far more important than where you do it from, which is why Centralis offers homeworking opportunities. Having said that, being together also has immense benefits, which is why we also encourage social events, happy hours and team-building days.

Be yourself

An authentic workforce is a happy workforce and a diverse workforce is a successful workforce. We have more than 37 nationalities across 200 people. We value these differences, using them to create a better community and a stronger workforce.


Employees mental health and wellbeing is at the core of everything we do. We are signatories of the Mindful Business Charter and have partnered with Plumm, a team of mental health experts, who offer support and counselling. We also provide nutrition and mindfulness courses.

We give back

CSR efforts help foster a more productive and positive work environment for employees. We encourage employees to become members or our CSR Committee and each employee gets up to 3 days per year to contribute to volunteering activities.

It’s not all about work

Gym memberships, tennis, discounts on concert tickets, fairs, shopping & more. The fact that we can help you switch off from the office matters to us. Relaxed, de-stressed employees are crucial to any business. Go on, hit a few balls or sweat it out at the gym – we are happy to cover the costs!

Fancy a move?

We don’t want you to be bored…so when you fancy a change of scene but just love your job, we have the solution…

Team Focused

We collaborate together with respect. We are like an extended family! Management has an open-door policy and encourages open communication, feedback and discussion about any concerns you may have.

Centralis Academy

We are a people business, so we like to invest in people. We offer continuous learning opportunities. We support employees who want to earn professional qualifications and we have a catalogue of 900 online courses available to staff at all times.

We’re a work in progress

We have the ambition to succeed. Sometimes we make mistakes but we learn from these and keep striving for success. Everyone is key to the business and has a chance to develop. We all have a role to play in our success and future development. Interested? Then why not join us?

The Centralis Academy

We are a people-based business. Investing in the knowledge of our employees means directly investing in the success of our business.

We take a holistic approach to learning based on a 70/20/10 model:

  • 70% learning by doing – grab the opportunity to try things out for yourself; take a few risks – it’s all part of the learning curve
  • 20% learning from piers – including mentoring, coaching and feedback
  • 10% learning through contemporary, innovative classes and courses – in-house or by well-known, external think tanks.

We have also partnered with GoodHabitz, an interactive e-learning training provider, offering more than 900 online courses in several languages.

In addition, we also offer:

  • Lifetime learning and knowledge sharing
  • Professional qualifications & certifications
  • Continuous development

We can support your studies financially and offer paid study leaves to any employee who wants to pursue professional qualifications.

Mindful Business Charter

In October 2021, Centralis joined like-minded companies by signing the Mindful Business Charter (MBC) and committing to better working practices for mental health and wellbeing.

The MBC intends to remove unnecessary sources of workplace stress and promote better mental health at work.

By becoming a signatory of the MBC, we are committing to ensuring a healthier, more effective way of working for all our employees.

We understand what inclusion and diversity mean in the workplace

We understand what inclusion and diversity mean in the workplace and how an effective people strategy can support our business: a diverse workforce is a sustainable workforce. Centralis in no way discriminates with regards to age, skin colour, disability, gender, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation or other ethnic or cultural aspects.

In fact, we prioritise diversity and inclusion in order to provide a safe, happy and more productive surrounding. A diverse environment is one with a wide range of backgrounds and mindsets, which allows for a culture of creativity and innovation. We promote an inclusive environment where everyone feels able to participate and achieve their potential.

Equality in the workplace is also important to us. Our commitment to ensuring an equal opportunities culture is constantly reinforced. Equality means fairness and you can be certain that we never treat any of our employees less favourably.

We want you to be yourself, so come as you are, with an open mind, and let us open the door to your future. At Centralis everyone is treated the same. It is our differences that set us apart.