Business Support

Providing tailored in-house business support services, including resource management solutions for maximum flexibility and agility.

Businesses today face mounting pressures related to resource management, including handling peak activity periods, specific projects, employee absences, business growth, and even downsizing. These challenges often arise unexpectedly, leading to critical resource gaps within organisations. Centralis Group offers a suite of in-house business support services tailored to meet specific requirements, with the flexibility to scale up or down as needed.

As part of our comprehensive solution, we can provide dedicated employees to address resource gaps in management, accounting, treasury, tax and compliance reporting, payroll, corporate secretarial, and more. Additionally, we offer flexible office space solutions for short to medium-term needs that align with our client’s specific requirements. Our clients can have confidence that their business support needs are entrusted to an agile, forward-thinking, outsourced provider, allowing them to focus their time on strategic goals.

Sectors who benefit from this service

How can we help?

Our team of consultants tailor solutions to meet client requirements, and adapt them as needs change. These include:

For EEA AIFMs and non-EEA fund managers:

Advice and analysis on reporting requirements.

Interpretation of the underlying regulations.

Bespoke and user-friendly versions of the reporting templates accompanied with explanations to ensure you know what is being submitted.

Review and challenge of in-house or administrator-prepared reports.

Advice on discrete questions relating to taxonomies or interpretation of regulation.