Treasury Outsourcing

Centralis Group offers a wide array of customised treasury outsourcing solutions designed to meet our clients’ specific needs

As a trusted partner in expert treasury outsourcing, Centralis Group offers a wide array of customised solutions designed to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our dedicated team of corporate treasury specialists prioritises a deep understanding of our client’s business requirements, ensuring the delivery of efficient, tailored treasury solutions.

Flexibility in our systems and operational services is paramount, recognising that each client is unique. Our adaptable approach allows clients to outsource precisely what they require, from minimal to comprehensive support.

Services included:

+ Cash & Liquidity Management
  • Assist with the establishment of regional and global cash pools with various banks
  • Coordinate relevant pool documentation
  • Prepare loan and zero-balancing agreements
  • Setup of BAI bank uploads to a range of treasury management systems
  • Record daily bank account transactions for all entities within the cash pooling structure
  • Generate daily bank reconciliations and intra-group interest calculations
  • Produce subsidiary weekly/monthly account statements and intercompany confirmations
  • Provide cash forecasting and balance monitoring services
  • Assist in investing surplus pool liquidity
+ Netting
  • Administer the monthly netting process
  • Execute currency spot deals to hedge the FX exposures arising from the netting
  • Settle netting transactions either by cash payment or by intercompany entries
  • Provide netting reports and accounting entries for each netting cycle
+ Treasury Accounting & Reporting
  • Provide full monthly financial accounting according to local GAAP, US GAAP or IFRS
  • Prepare weekly/monthly head office and subsidiary account statements including interest
  • Annual financial statements
  • Provide general ledger feeds to subsidiary entities
+ Inter-Company Loan Administration
  • Undertake all parts of the loan administration function
  • Produce loan agreements
  • Administer new loans and deposits, repayments, inter-company loan documentation, transaction recording
  • Provide interest calculations
  • Prepare periodic interest invoices
+ Treasury Front and Back Office Services
  • Check and confirm daily bank entries
  • Execute transactions for FX deals, third parties and any ad hoc payments to group entities outside of the cash pool
  • Reconcile cash pool bank accounts daily
  • Quickly respond to and resolve queries in multiple languages
  • Manage daily, weekly and monthly reporting
  • Handle accounting entries for all transactions
  • Money market placing
  • Ensure investment policy compliance
  • Manage cash positions
  • Assist with FX spots and swaps to manage surplus funds
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Our proven expertise as a treasury outsourcing provider reduces transaction costs and empowers clients.

Our proven expertise as a treasury outsourcing provider reduces transaction costs and empowers clients to swiftly acquire treasury skills, automate processes, and enhance treasury risk management.

As corporate treasury specialists, we seamlessly integrate our services into our clients’ business operations, providing continuous support, expert guidance, and unwavering transparency. Our implementation of best practice procedures enables clients to reallocate treasury department resources, redirecting their focus toward more strategic endeavours.