Tax Compliance

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    Annual tax filings
    • Preparation and submission of UK tax returns for LLP and Limited Liability Companies
    • Preparation and submission of individuals’ UK tax returns
    • Preparation and submission of employers’ Employment Related Securities tax returns
    • Preparation and submission of employers’ PAYE Settlement Agreement calculations
    • Employers’ Short Term Business Visitor Reporting
    • Preparation and submission of corporate income tax returns for legal entities
    • Preparation and submission of periodic VAT Returns
    • Preparation and submission of required tax forms to support dividend payments & withholding taxes
    Annual Reporting Fund compliance
    • Registration with HMRC for entry into the reporting fund regime
    • Preparation and submission of reporting fund computations and reports to investors
    Tax advice
    • UK tax advice for entities and individuals including:
    • Choice of entity – LLP versus Ltd
    • Offshore funds tax regulations and the reporting fund regime
    • The Investment Manager Exemption
    • Employment tax matters e.g. remuneration planning
    • Statutory residence and UK arrival planning
      Inheritance tax and use of family investment companies

    Our team possesses in depth knowledge of tax legislation, supporting clients' corporate tax requirements under ever changing legislative pressures services, including resource management solutions for maximum flexibility and agility.

    “The tax landscape for companies operating in the financial services sector is increasingly complex and fast moving. Our seasoned team possesses in-depth knowledge of tax legislation, ensuring the proper utilisation of elections, reliefs, and tax deductions to foster our client’s business growth. Staying on top of these changes, and how they affect your business can be a time consuming and technically difficult task.

    Centralis Group has earned a reputation for its fusion of technical and business acumen, further enriched by the extensive experience within the broader Centralis Group, particularly in areas like regulation and accounting.”

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    Our team of consultants tailor solutions to meet client requirements, and adapt them as needs change.

    The consistent pressure on the UK government to tighten legislation means a constantly changing environment. We appreciate that for our clients staying on top of these changes, and how they affect their business can be a time consuming and technically difficult task. Our experienced team of private client tax advisors understand the issues faced by individuals in navigating UK tax laws and are specialists in the investment sector. Our objective is to create a tax structure for our client that is appropriate for them as an individual, their business and their investors.