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Centralis Bulgaria

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Floor 1, Office 4
Sofia 1407

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Centralis Bulgaria is located Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia. Within Southeast Europe, Bulgaria’s strategic location on the intersection of Europe and Asia has allowed the country to develop as a bridge between the two continents to facilitate trade and cultural exchange.

Bulgaria transitioned to a free market economy in 1989 and its business landscape has changed considerably over the last 35 years. Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007 and is in the process of entering the Schengen area. Its main industries include manufacturing, IT, tourism, agriculture, energy and mining, all of which drive the economic development and employment opportunities, as well as both domestic and foreign investment within the country. It has established itself as a main BPO destination in Europe.

Bulgaria boasts a young, well-educated and dynamic workforce, a 10% fixed corporate and personal income tax rate, and an exceptional IT and data industry. Bulgaria has signed double tax treaties with over 70 countries worldwide, and has become an attractive investment destination due to its competitive business environment, skilled labor force, and access to markets.