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A bespoke service tailored towards your treasury needs

11 October 2023
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When we onboard a new client, our integration process is guaranteed to improve operational efficiencies. Shane Rath, Senior Treasury, and Implementation manager, at Centralis Group, explains what the process involves and the benefits: “Scoping is an important initial phase as we identify exactly what the client requires. We then factor in these requirements into the project which will differ from client to client. There are a number of reasons for this such as industry type, corporate level and what they already have in place – we strongly believe that our clients shouldn’t be limited to a ‘one size fits all’ type of system.

When it comes to the implementation process, we’ll start as end users with an operational focus to ensure we achieve the results we have scoped out and we’ll continue to build from this. Each process is customized to the client and future adjustments are based on their needs which we know can grow over time. As a service provider we guarantee a flexible approach which enables us to easily scale their requirements.”


More cost effective than managing internally

Negative connotations regarding the costs involved in outsourcing treasury functions can affect people’s decision to collaborate with external partners or not. Many service providers only support a rigid platform and annual pricing fee. Centralis Group offers a bespoke service to our clients which is tailored towards their precise needs, and this is reflected in our pricing structure. Having flexibility in terms of the systems we provide is so important because not all clients are the same. Some will have used treasury previously and others won’t and will need a fully integrated bank and team. Our solutions are agnostic so we are able to contract with the country management system provider or our client can do so, and this is a really important factor for our clients.

The flexibility of our services will inevitably convey a cost efficiency to the client as they are paying for exactly what they need without the hassle of recruiting new team members and systems. With stats from the ONS claiming that 41% of companies with 10 or more staff are struggling to recruit, businesses should remove this burden from their operations and consider outsourcing.


A pricing model which reflects your needs

According to data sourced by Gartner “60% of finance and accounting outsourcing contracts won’t be renewed by 2025.” It is considered that outdated pricing models which don’t reflect the clients’ individual needs are leading finance and accounting companies to re-evaluate their outsourced contracts. Outsourcing with Centralis Group enables clients to pay a set fee each year to manage their specific operational tasks and easily scale with them over time. This supports our clients with cost efficiency whilst not compromising on expertise.

Contact our Senior Treasury, and Implementation manager Shane Rath to find out how we can support your treasury functions whilst improving your cost efficiencies.