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FCA Business Plan: Positive Change

02 June 2023
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Promoting positive change

We are pleased to see the positive changes that are included within the FCA’s latest business plan, stating “The UK investment management sector manages £11 trillion of savings and pensions of millions of people across the UK and globally. The sector channels capital into investments that support economic activity. We want firms to offer investors products that provide fair value and meet their investment needs. We want to ensure that our regulatory framework sets clear standards for a global industry, while retaining strong consumer protections. Our supervision will focus on how asset managers ensure value for consumers. We will increase our supervisory focus on whether asset managers present the environmental, social and governance (ESG) properties of products in a way that is fair, clear and not misleading.”

“The interrelated themes of trust, transparency and transition remain at the core of our work on ESG.” The plan goes on “In the year ahead we will continue to collaborate with all of our stakeholders, including our recently formed ESG Advisory Committee to the Board, to build a supportive regulatory framework that is at the forefront of ESG thinking internationally.”

Centralis are aware that our operating standards should reflect those of our clients and the wider financial services sector, and we actively work on providing an environment both internally and in our external communication with others that reflects the FCA’s goals. All aspects of ESG are part of an evolving process that will continue to  gain prominence across the sector, individual businesses, products and services. Centralis is committed to continue implementing appropriate ESG policies and we see great value in driving forward changes to improve our operating model in accordance with the emerging standards required.


The core values set out by any company are the very foundation for what the company prioritises and cares most about. For us, our corporate core values are respect, commitment, ambition and professionalism. Company values are designed to act as a compass both during prosperous and successful times as well as during turbulent and uncertain periods. They set out the blueprint for expectations with regards to behaviour, whilst also laying out a clear and comprehensive vision of where the company aspires to be and how, as a team, they will arrive there. Company culture, values and behaviours are all inextricably linked.


Equal representation in finance is key as participation in shaping future policies, ideas, and governance remains limited without this. There are several reasons why welcoming a diverse leadership in any business are important. Perhaps the most attractive for business owners is that companies are more profitable when they embrace diversity in the C-suite. In 2022, McKinsey & Company shared findings in a report called ‘The future of diversity, equity and inclusion’. The report shared that “companies in the top 25% for gender diversity with regards to their executive teams were also 25% more likely to have above-average profits in comparison to companies who scored low on diversity.”

Awareness of hiring processes

Centralis continues to expand, through hiring and acquisition, where we ensure alignment to cultural values with promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce. We also invest in our training Academy, which supports the enhancement of all team members’ professional and personal skills to further their careers.

Be a role model

At Centralis, we actively encourage our team to share their journey and experiences, whilst looking for ways to pass on knowledge to less experienced people in the sector, not just at Centralis. By sharing the great things about the alternative investments sector, we can make a huge difference to anyone taking steps to move forward in their career and to make this community accessible to all; especially those who may otherwise not have got the exposure due to their background, beliefs, minority background or gender.

Our aim is to continue to invest in range of both internal and external initiatives that are firmly aligned to the FCA’s aims to promote positive change in the world, which is a common goal we share at Centralis.