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Tackling the digitalisation evolution and supporting clients with accessibility to their data

23 October 2023
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Centralis Group is a specialist provider of outsourced back- and middle-office functions to the investment management industry. Data forms a huge part of our business and with an evolving regulatory landscape across the globe effecting the way in which we use this data, we’ve focused on how we can better support our clients through this continual change. Our market specialists work from a multi-jurisdictional presence and have used this knowledge to take our internal digital transformation to the next level. We have developed our front and back-end solutions to address regulatory pressures while helping to mitigating risk, whilst also enhancing our customer experience and continuing to improve our quality of service.

Here are just a few of our digitised services:

    • Front-end interfaces with clients
    • Prudential consultancy services
    • Financial and regulatory reporting
    • CoSec and Incorporation services


The need for both speed and accuracy with transactional data

Regulatory bodies across the globe are taking the topic of digitalisation seriously; the SEC in particular has released its strategic plan for 2022 – 2026, which detailed how they must “…work to ensure the law is enforced aggressively and consistently.” They are also looking at ways to improve their own data analysis in support of its regulatory mission with a focus of this data being “timely.” The SEC strategic plan explains that in order for them “To better prevent, detect, and enforce against improper behaviour, the SEC should continue to develop and implement faster and more comprehensive methods…” As technology continues to grow – businesses can expect varying legislative change as well.

Timely reporting capabilities are not only important for businesses with ever more challenging reporting requirements, but also to support their business growth. Centralis Group prides ourselves as being an agile service provider with a bespoke approach to each of our clients. Our aim is to support clients with delivering their operations so they can focus more of their time on “value added” business opportunities.


Providing instant access to clients in support of data transparency

Our market specialists are fully aware of the varying legislative requirements across jurisdictions and the required deadlines for reporting. Transparency is important for our clients, and this is exactly what we provide for them. Following the initial integration with Centralis Group, clients gain access to our digital platforms with real-time data visibility so they can make informed business decisions and ensure timely delivery of reporting to the regulator. We make data work for our clients and their precise needs, and we have achieved this by improving our processes and data management through automation and re-engineering. We have found that even in a highly regulated industry where stringent operations are in place, greater volume of data can benefit our clients, so we’ve found the most efficient ways of interpreting that data.


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