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The importance of embracing technology to secure growth

15 April 2024
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According to Investment News, the ‘growing demand for alternative assets will add more than $8 trillion to assets under management in the next five years, to a total $24.5 trillion’. Industry analyst Preqin shared in a report at the end of 2023 that ‘the global alternative assets market will grow at an annualised growth rate of 8% between 2022-2028. A key consideration from the same report shared by Preqin detailed that the global private debt AUM is expected ‘to double its 2022 total of $1.5 trillion to a new record high of $2.8 trillion’, with a compound annual growth rate of 11%. Such findings project that the performance of private debt will experience the largest increase over other asset classes.

Based on these insights, the future of the PE Real Estate sector appears to be bright, promising opportunities for growth. However, such growth is dependent on many confounding variables, such as the technology a firm uses, the operational structure of the company, the business’ capacity to overcome obstacles, and how agile a firm can be when it comes to innovation adoption and scalability.  In terms of innovation, the choice of technology and software by a firm is of the utmost importance. Technology is the driving force behind a firm’s ability to innovate and enhance client service.

At Centralis, we understand the importance of being early adopters when it comes to the choice of technology a firm uses. In order to best support our clients with their technology, we have invested in eFront and Yardi software solutions.

eFront offers clients a robust product suite that covers all alternative investment asset classes, investor types and needs. The benefits of eFront include the fact that it is a one-stop solution suite that covers every technological need of the alternative investment sector. It is a market-leading company, with ‘7 of the top 10 limited partners and 6 of the top 10 general partners around the world [using their] products and services’. The team at Centralis are well versed in the capabilities eFront offers and use it as part of our suite of tools aimed at our ‘client first’ service approach.

Centralis was also early adopters of Yardi, a system that enables clients to streamline their investment and accounting in the Real Estate sector. The software uses AI to automate the investment management lifecycle to reduce overall operational costs, whilst enhancing the efficiency of teams so that investors can make better decisions more quickly. The key benefits of Yardi software includes the capacity to automate the lifecycle of investments, including the accounting, performance measurement and reporting, as well as the capacity to mitigate against risks. With this software, the Centralis team and our client firms can identify against the exposure of risks for different asset classes in different regions, sectors, fund strategies and investment types via configurable financial, portfolio, performance and revenue analytics. Yardi enables investors to centralise information, gaining real-time access to their operational data and thus enhancing their overall investor reporting.

Outsourcing the right technology partner is not only critical to a firm’s overall success, but also drives their future growth. If your firm would like to learn more about how Centralis can help you embrace the latest technology as part of our ongoing dedication to client growth and service excellence, contact Elizabeth Fitzgibbons on