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We’re more than just an outsourced treasury provider – we’re a member of the team

01 December 2023
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We know our clients inside and out. We’re not just a partner – we are fully integrated into teams and therefore understand the complexities of the business. With an evolving market introducing numerous challenges, not to mention the varying scale of outsourced needs depending on the client, our ethos is that a ‘one size fits all approach’ simply won’t work. We believe that a personalised relationship built upon trust, communication and transparency.


Providing clients with the bandwidth to strategize whilst supporting them on their journey

Many of our services rely on effective two-way communication channels between us and our clients, therefore we are always on hand should any questions arise. Our teams provide clients the bandwidth to focus on strategic projects which will deliver longer term goals for their treasury functions and the partnership approach allows us to go one step further and build systems to meet our client’s project requirements.

Our exchange with the client goes further than signing a contract and implementing a system. Our partnership is relationship driven; we embrace the fact that we become a core part of their team. We are processing payments across their accounts, we have access to their confidential data, and even trade and interact with third parties on their behalf. While this is a huge asset to our clients the benefit derives from our trusted partnership.

We pride ourselves on having an agile business model which enables us to not only deliver the contracted requirements to our clients but to also support their wider business needs. Through our knowledge of the client combined with our extensive industry expertise, which is regularly kept up to date, we are in a strong position to change with our client based on their own needs and those of the market. Our flexible business approach makes us a preferred partner of choice.

Treasury outsourcing is a growing sector as more and more clients opt for delegating their daily treasury functions rather than managing them internally. Outsourced payroll functions alone are witnessing staggering numbers with continued uptake; according to survey research conducted by EY: “64% of respondents either primarily co-source or primarily outsource payroll operations. Since 2019, there has been a 9-percentage point decline in respondents who choose to primarily service their payroll operations internally.”

Contact a member of the Centralis Group Treasury team and find out how you too can benefit from outsourcing this critical function through our team of industry experts.