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Wheelhouse Advisors and RFA offer a unique value proposition to clients

10 August 2021
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Wheelhouse Advisors, the award-winning provider of prudential management, regulatory reporting, accounting, tax and payroll services to the financial services sector, partners with RFA, an IT consultancy specialising in cloud, cyber security and data strategies, to drive market-leading solutions for its clients.

Wheelhouse Advisors and RFA, both specialists in the alternative investment management sector, have partnered to build a joint customer value proposition, to support reporting and compliance for specific requirements, including Annex IV reporting and the new prudential regime for investment firms (IFPR). RFA will also be further digitising Wheelhouse Advisors’ internal processes, supporting automation and efficiencies within the business.

The partnership will deliver client solutions that support process automation, drive time and cost savings and also improve data accuracy and adherence with the increasing regulatory compliance burden.

Matthew Crisp, CEO of Wheelhouse Advisors says, “We are excited to be working closely with RFA on a number of new and transformative digital projects. RFA is a leading technology partner to the alternative investment sector and really understand the challenges firms are facing from a technology perspective. When coupled with our 20-year pedigree in prudential management, tax, regulatory reporting and accountancy services for firms in the investment management space, we have a unique value proposition that allows our customers to meet their regulatory obligations more easily.”

George Ralph, Global Managing Director and CRO of RFA says, “Our partnership with Wheelhouse Advisors gives us an invaluable insight into the detail and nuances of regulation that our clients are dealing with. We see real value for clients by bringing together RFA’s technical expertise and understanding of the client’s digital ambitions with Wheelhouse Advisors’ extensive knowledge of the specific regulations governing alternative investment managers. Business process is complex and can be challenging to managers whose time is better spent elsewhere. Working with RFA and Wheelhouse Advisors eases that burden.”

The partnership starts with a thorough review of Wheelhouse Advisors’ data estate and recommendations of how the business can make best use of its own data, before jointly developing a set of customer solutions that can be taken to market.

About Wheelhouse Advisors

Wheelhouse Advisors is the leading provider of prudential management, regulatory reporting, accounting, tax, human resources consultancy and outsourcing to investment firms, their principals and other financial services professionals, through a portfolio of flexible high-quality services with a commitment to detail and personal service that sets it apart.

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Fiona Sherwood

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About RFA

RFA is a unique IT, financial cloud and cybersecurity provider to the financial services and alternative investment sectors. RFA’s goal is to redefine the future of technological support through R&D, DevOps, data services, automation and machine-learning, providing clients with tomorrow’s edge today. RFA offers bespoke solutions to clients that are system-agnostic, secure, transparent and best-in-class. Supported by holistic advice and creating customized strategies for each client to get business processes and workflows to run with greater speed, security, ease of use and the utmost efficiency.

Headquartered in New York City and London, (EMEA), RFA serves more than 800 clients globally with additional office in Singapore and Luxembourg. RFA brings together a seasoned executive team and a committed group of over 300 highly skilled consultant technicians, consultants, architects and engineers.

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Kate Horne

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