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Wheelhouse Advisors partner with ESG Playbook, a leading comprehensive SaaS platform

12 March 2022
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ESG Playbook is devoted to simplifying and streamlining the ESG reporting process.  ESG Playbook is the only platform to have all the ESG reporting tools in one solution. The platform is compatible with all the major frameworks included including EU taxonomy and SFDR reports.  Customers leverage their comprehensive reporting platform to deliver robust ESG reports to their stakeholders.

ESG Playbook’s modules encompass a materiality matrix assessment, topic benchmarking, report builder, carbon calculator, survey manager, supply chain management, and diversity & inclusion modules. There is a specific module for asset managers integrating ESG compliance, stewardship, and ESG risk analysis on a fund and portfolio level.

The ESG Playbook platform is audit-ready with logs embedded in the platform, data transparency and integrity are assured.

For more information on ESG Playbook, please visit –

If you would like an introduction to ESG Playbook, please contact Alistair Youngs at